latribuneDesperately Looking for an Apartment.

The buying agent proposes to find a home for individuals that don’t have the time, an expensive service and one in full expansion.
It’s always complicated when one decides to jump into the hous hunting process.

There are roughly 80 specialized companies all members of La Federation National des Chasseurs Immobiliers, FNCI.
Their mission to find the dream apartment for people who don’t have the time. They also offer finding financing, and overseeing renovation and decoration. Christine Pelosse president of the FNCI and director of her company Homelike Home explains “We have three types of clients;

-people living outside of France who want to own  a “pied a terre” in Paris;

-Foreigners that will be transferred to Paris,

-Parisians that are overbooked, and don’t have the time.

We are the eyes for our clients. We establish an outline as to the  size, location, price etc.
Wedo not compete with real estate agents, and don’t sell properties, which insures confidence is our clients.  90% of our clients buy properties that we have found.

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